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Mega Vertical Aqua-Farm

The “Vision” project will develop an aqua-farm integration to support a perennial industry with the highest international safety and quality standards. New technologies, including digital devices and disruptive innovations will increase productivity and support the shift to a circular economy, bio-economic and sustainability


At its final phase in its 10-year journey, Vision aqua-farm will yield 100,000 tonnes per year of export-grade fish and shrimp products.

For reference, the total national production of Brazil in 2018 was 1.6 million tonnes, 50% from aquaculture farms.




Vision will mix both marine and freshwater inlets to allow a dynamic salinity environment to significantly increase growth and product diversity.

Intensive aquaculture AKA as RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) for high-value and in particular aqua environment species, will be integrated as well.

This inherent versatile design will allow wise response to market needs and fluctuation and thus elevate Vision’s probability of success.


Vision aqua-farm is designed as a stand-alone mega-aquaculture integration that encompasses hatcheries, grow-out facilities, labs and training, modern processing plant, fish feed-meal, sewage plant, personnel dormitories, ice factory, and even a stand-alone green power plant.

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