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Local Pulse Innovation
Project Developers Seeding Innovation
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The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Alan Kay

Name, Title

LPI is a developer and program management platform of market professionals. 

LPI accelerates aquaculture & energy programs to successfully meet their economic goals.

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LPI complements, leverages and boosts local eco-systems by smart fusion of local needs with off-region technologies, along with national innovation programs, into fruitful results.

Introducing synergistic processes to create efficient and fast results


screening and processing technologies against needs


Technology expert panel to discover modify and fit technologies programs to needs


Ad hoc investment arm to fund the local designated start up


Supporting the growth of the program's start ups

Project Management:
Single Point of Responsibility

Yields projects which score high for investors, promoting the pillars of local aquaculture:

  • Local research and development

  • Local Investment

  • Local innovative human resources

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