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PRIDE Rondonia
Tambaqui Sustainable Knowledge Center

LPI is proud to lead PRIDE's innovation


PRIDE is a 6 years, $360m project to develop a knowledge center that will become a cornerstone and launchpad for a modern aqua-farming industry of the Tambaqui fish for Brazil towards the world.

Achieved by utilizing modern technology and standards to develop Brazil’s special local species into an international aquaculture leader through the full and responsible use of natural and human resources.


Tambaqui City! Going Far Beyond Fish Production


Knowledge Center

Past, Present and Future Wisdom Under One Roof


Encompass Pride’s Headquarters, the labs and the Modern Tambaqui Aquaculture Academy


Visitor Center

Become one with the Amazon experience

Family showcasing of our modern aquafarming, the history of Pride and a museum of the amazon native culture 


Convention Center

Welcoming the global aquaculture community


A unique modern venue for our industry to gather and share knowledge for a better world

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